About MECE Muse

‘MECE’ stands for Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive.  It is a technique used in consulting that helps consultants solve complex business problems.

The MECE Muse Unplugged podcast show was created specifically for undergrad or graduate students interested in a career in consulting, newbie consultants in the first few years of a consulting career, and experienced professionals seeking to become a consultant at a firm or work independently for the first time.

The podcast show is inspired by the upcoming book – The MECE Muse: 100+ selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants.

The MECE Muse provides an inside scoop on the habits of great consultants in the form of storytelling, career guidance, and selected practices. It gives readers “real deal” insights into the profession.  I dive into my 15 years of experience as a business consultant, also sharing 20+ interviews and anecdotes from over 50+ consulting partners and leaders across the industry which represents thought leadership from 80% of the top 10 consulting firms in the world.

“Being the mentor I wish I had.”

I wrote the book in the voice of the mentor that I wish I had during the first few years of my consulting career.   If you are an ambitious college student or experienced professional interested in starting a successful consulting career or a novice consultant in the first years of your career looking for a competitive edge, this book is for you!

Rather than being a “consulting 101” , the MECE Muse really focuses on giving the reader selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits once you have become a consultant that helps create a sustainable, impactful, and memorable consulting career.

ABOUT The Host & author

Given her vast experience in consulting, Christie enjoys being a frequent sounding board to dozens of mentees and has protégées doing great things all around the world.  Christie is a passionate coffee drinking futurist and blogs regularly on christielindor.com.

When Christie is not consulting, writing, mentoring, or public speaking, you can find her reading business books, talking politics, or indulging in an unhealthy, addictive quest for the perfect pair of high heels and pearls.

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