S2 Episode 12: Speak Successfully with Amanda Hennessey

In today’s show, we connect with Amanda Hennessey, a former actress turned public speaking coach, trainer, and Founder of Boston Public Speaking and San Diego Public Speaking. She’s on a mission to empower people and transform the way they approach and experience public speaking.   I personally have worked with Amanda for my own public speaking coaching needs, she is the real deal.  Check her out if you are either in the Boston, Massachusetts or San Diego California areas.

She recently published her first book,   Your Guide to Public Speaking – Build Your Confidence, Find Your Voice, Inspire Your Audience, where she shares what she has learned as a coach and a performer

In this episode, we talk to Amanda about her journey to greatness and also shares her perspectives as to whether looks can impact success.

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S2 Episode 11: The Foresight of Success with John Sanei

In today’s show, we have a special conversation with one of my favorite go-getters John Sanei . John is an entrepreneur, innovation strategist, best-selling author and global speaker who talks about the future with a unique twist.  He is a rising thought leader; by combining human psychology, future studies and business strategy, he guides audiences and leaders into an exponentially different future with excitement and optimism.

Originally from South Africa, John has now moved to Dubai and released his third book called Foresight.  In this interview, we talk about his early life, some of the challenges he has faced and his new book called Foresight.

Tune into this thought-provoking discussion on a range of topics, mostly focusing on how to predictively create your future.

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