S2 Episode 6: Measuring Success

We discuss ways to measure and track success on a journey to greatness.  We have Bianca J Jackson on today’s show, a return guest, shares how she bought a commercial building and started established the Brickrose Exchange coworking space.

About Bianca J Jackson

Bianca is an award-winning professional, speaker, and entrepreneur with 14+ years of experience managing web, mobile, video, and VR/AR projects for Fortune 500 companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Marriott, and USA Today.  Bianca is the Founder of Brickrose Exchange,  an art gallery and meeting space for social impact entrepreneurs, community organizations, and local residents to bring culture and inclusive events.

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S2 Episode 5: Purpose Driven Success

In this episode we discuss the concept of purpose driven success and share ways you can find your purpose to kickstart your journey to greatness.  We also connect with Kristin Sherry, bestselling author and founder of YouMap where she will talk about your journey with YouMap and weigh in on the concept of purpose driven success.

About Kristin Sherry

Kristin Sherry is an author, speaker, and managing partner of YouMap LLC. She is the creator of the YouMap® profile, a holistic self-awareness profile that uncovers client, employee and student strengths, values, preferred skills and personality-based interests.

As a Learning & Development leader at a Fortune 20 company, Kristin managed the company’s learning strategy and coached leaders and their teams.

Her career discovery and empowerment book, Follow Your Star: Career Lessons I Learned from Mom, and interviewing book, 5 Surprising Steps to Land the Job NOW!, were released in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Her third book, YouMap: Find Yourself. Blaze Your Path. Show the World! launched November 8th, 2018 and reached #1 best-seller on Amazon in 5 countries, including the United States.

Kristin has been a featured career expert on Wharton Business Radio, has been featured in Inc.com, Entrepreneur Magazine and is a member of The Authors Guild.

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S2 Episode 4: Successful People Think Differently

In this episode, we discuss how successful people think differently.   I want  do a spotlight on Jayden Smith and Kim Kardashian West, both celebrities that have recently made dramatic pivot in their careers, which highlights how successful people think.  We also share tips on how  you can shift your thinking towards success. We then connect with go-getter Jessicah Pierre as she shares her journey to greatness and weighs in on  how successful people think differently.

About Jessicah Pierre

Jessicah Pierre is a Political PR Professional, Blogger, and Social Entrepreneur whose work has been featured in local outlets such as the Boston Globe to national outlets like BET and Glamour Magazine. Growing up in a Haitian-American household, her interest for politics was sparked at a young age from listening to her family’s debates around Haitian and American politics.

Motivated by her growing audience, Jessicah recently launched her personal platform, Jessicahpierre.com. Her website is home to content that promotes civic engagement, entrepreneurship, motivation, and fashion/beauty, in an effort to influence others to be their best self.
Jessicah has always been dedicated to advocating around women’s issues, particularly women of color. She is the President and CEO of Queens Company, a leading organization in Boston dedicated to empowering women of color by hosting networking events, workshops, and by providing a mutual support system.

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S2 Episode 3: Language of Success

In this episode, we discuss the language of success – an important building block for any go-getter on their journey to greatness.  I share a couple of ways that I use language as a means to help catapult my success. We then connect with Mark Metry, speaker and host of the Humans 2.0 podcast one of the top 100 podcasts in the world.  Mark shares a bit about his journey and nuggets of wisdom from some of his famous guests and how he views the correlation between language and success.

More about Mark Metry

Mark is a Forbes Featured speaker that has interviewed Billionaires, New York Times Bestselling Authors and World-Class human beings on my Top 100 podcast.   Once a upon a time I couldn’t make direct eye contact with anyone and suffered from social anxiety from health issues & not living the life I was strategically designed to live. At the age of 22, Mark’s the host of Humans 2.0, one of the 100 podcast in the world.  And he is just getting started.

Mark is also a speaker and Founder of VU Dream currently, a growing and innovative VR/AR marketing & advertising agency based in Boston. VU Dream works with startups, studios, and other businesses to help customers imagine new future realities.

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S2 Episode 2: Defining Success on Your Own Terms

In today’s episode, I share how I discovered my definition of success throughout my career and what you can do to help you define (or redefine) success towards your journey to greatness.  I’m joined by guest Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Innovation Women, one of the world’s most successful online speaker’s bureau for women. as she shares her journey to greatness and weighs in on defining success on your own terms.

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More about Bobbie Carlton

Founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights and Innovation Women, Bobbie has been called Boston’s Innovation Den Mother and the Startup Fairy Godmother. She’s an award-winning marketing, PR and social media professional. She speaks regularly on marketing, public speaking and women’s issues. Her humorous approach and fiery “let’s make something happen” brand is supported by the real world results she helps drive: 1200+ new products launched, $3B in funding, and 1000+ women speaking at conferences and events.

Currently a “parallel” entrepreneur (instead of a serial entrepreneur), Bobbie has spent the last 10 years building her own businesses as well as supporting client and community efforts. Previously, in addition to working with a number of Boston-area PR and marketing firms, she headed global PR at Cognos and PTC, both publicly-held enterprise software companies. In 2006 she switched gears, joining a startup focused on supporting self-esteem and positive role models for preteen girls through a social network and book series.

In 2010 she was called one of the “ten Bostonians who have done the most for the startup community”. She’s also received numerous professional awards: Marketing Sherpa Viral Campaign of the Year, several PRSA Silver Anvils, Mass High Tech All-star, Boston Business Journal Woman to Watch, PR News Gamechanger award and Boston’s “50 on Fire.”