S2 Episode 4: Successful People Think Differently

In this episode, we discuss how successful people think differently.   I want  do a spotlight on Jayden Smith and Kim Kardashian West, both celebrities that have recently made dramatic pivot in their careers, which highlights how successful people think.  We also share tips on how  you can shift your thinking towards success. We then connect with go-getter Jessicah Pierre as she shares her journey to greatness and weighs in on  how successful people think differently.

About Jessicah Pierre

Jessicah Pierre is a Political PR Professional, Blogger, and Social Entrepreneur whose work has been featured in local outlets such as the Boston Globe to national outlets like BET and Glamour Magazine. Growing up in a Haitian-American household, her interest for politics was sparked at a young age from listening to her family’s debates around Haitian and American politics.

Motivated by her growing audience, Jessicah recently launched her personal platform, Jessicahpierre.com. Her website is home to content that promotes civic engagement, entrepreneurship, motivation, and fashion/beauty, in an effort to influence others to be their best self.
Jessicah has always been dedicated to advocating around women’s issues, particularly women of color. She is the President and CEO of Queens Company, a leading organization in Boston dedicated to empowering women of color by hosting networking events, workshops, and by providing a mutual support system.

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