S2 Episode 12: Speak Successfully with Amanda Hennessey

In today’s show, we connect with Amanda Hennessey, a former actress turned public speaking coach, trainer, and Founder of Boston Public Speaking and San Diego Public Speaking. She’s on a mission to empower people and transform the way they approach and experience public speaking.   I personally have worked with Amanda for my own public speaking coaching needs, she is the real deal.  Check her out if you are either in the Boston, Massachusetts or San Diego California areas.

She recently published her first book,   Your Guide to Public Speaking – Build Your Confidence, Find Your Voice, Inspire Your Audience, where she shares what she has learned as a coach and a performer

In this episode, we talk to Amanda about her journey to greatness and also shares her perspectives as to whether looks can impact success.

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S2 Episode 4: Successful People Think Differently

In this episode, we discuss how successful people think differently.   I want  do a spotlight on Jayden Smith and Kim Kardashian West, both celebrities that have recently made dramatic pivot in their careers, which highlights how successful people think.  We also share tips on how  you can shift your thinking towards success. We then connect with go-getter Jessicah Pierre as she shares her journey to greatness and weighs in on  how successful people think differently.

About Jessicah Pierre

Jessicah Pierre is a Political PR Professional, Blogger, and Social Entrepreneur whose work has been featured in local outlets such as the Boston Globe to national outlets like BET and Glamour Magazine. Growing up in a Haitian-American household, her interest for politics was sparked at a young age from listening to her family’s debates around Haitian and American politics.

Motivated by her growing audience, Jessicah recently launched her personal platform, Jessicahpierre.com. Her website is home to content that promotes civic engagement, entrepreneurship, motivation, and fashion/beauty, in an effort to influence others to be their best self.
Jessicah has always been dedicated to advocating around women’s issues, particularly women of color. She is the President and CEO of Queens Company, a leading organization in Boston dedicated to empowering women of color by hosting networking events, workshops, and by providing a mutual support system.

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S2 Episode 1: Science of Success

In today’s episode,  I share the top three things I learned over the last year during my podcast hiatus, highlight what you can expect for this upcoming season as well as in the future for this podcast relaunch.  We cover you can apply the lessons you will learn from this season theme,  the science of success. You might want to stick around to the end of this show because I have a surprise announcement!

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Cultivate A Lasting, Loving Relationship with Jürgen Schemel

MECE 53 | Loving Relationship
Jürgen Schemel is an author & business strategist from Germany now based in Australia and relationship expert of Inspiring Relationships Expert. Jürgen is a mathematician and business analyst who says he has worked out the formula for a successful marriage.


Over the past 24 years, Jürgen realized that he and his wife are doing things differently in their marriage from others. Some of their behavior was conscious, some more on the unconscious level. And with more and more relationships all around the world deteriorating, Jürgen decided to bring his wisdom and coaching to the people.


He started his Inspiring Relationships only in January 2017, but already had so many discussions and sessions with people searching him out for advice and guidance. His mission is to inspire thousands of men yearly to stay in loving, respectful relationships.


In this episode, Jürgen shares perspectives and tips on how you can cultivate a loving relationship while juggling a demanding career.

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How To Work With People You Can’t Stand with Eric Williamson

MECE 52 | People You Can’t Stand

Eric Williamson is a nationally recognized keynote speaker, workshop trainer, and author of the book, “How to Work with Jerks: Getting stuff done with people you can’t stand.” He’s also a consultant focused on helping organizations strengthen relationships with colleagues and clients by creating an atmosphere where employees are engaged, valued, and developed into leaders.

Eric shares the backdrop of why he decided to write the book and how you too get stuff done working with people you can’t stand.

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