Social selling and networking in a digital world with David JP Fisher

MECE 40 | Social Selling

We’re going to be doing a Quick Wins interview. Quick Wins is when I have the opportunity to connect with individuals discussing products, ideas or services to help round out your consulting toolkit. Our guest is David JP Fisher. He is a consultant, a business coach, and an author. He’s got a great book called Hyper-Connected Selling and we go deep about social selling and networking in a digital world. David provides a lot of key insights of his experiences as a consultant, the importance of networking, why networking is the key to unlocking a lot of doors to professional success. David brings down-to-earth tactical ways that you can begin to elevate your social selling game today in a way that’s manageable, that’s realistic. David provides some resources and more insights on his website.

I wanted to share an announcement. I’m thrilled to now be able to announce that I’m going to be doing my first TEDx Talk. I’m excited about that and I’m a confirmed speaker for TEDx Zaragoza in Spain. I’m going to be talking about the topic of organizational cultures. I wrote a blog post and it went viral on my blog. It’s funny because when I look at the other blog posts on my website, it got under 100 hits or so. This one post has over 100,000 hits. It was pretty remarkable. I wrote about organizational cultures. The blog post went viral and here I am, I’m doing a TEDx Talk on it. I’m super thrilled to be sharing this news with you Go-Getters.

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Taking Control of Your Consulting Destiny with Jack HM Wong

MECE 029 | Consulting Destiny

“Once we have the choice, we see alternatives and we see outcomes. Just realize that we always have this power of choice.”

AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview with Jack HM Wong, a former Big 4 consultant and now an entrepreneur with his own consulting firm and author of Cracking the Entrepreneur Code based in Singapore.  In this interview, Jack shares his career journey, providing candid advice and inspiring stories on his road to consulting greatness.

Jack discusses how he made the leap into the world of entrepreneurship. He also shares the differences between having an employee mindset versus entrepreneurial mindset and the journey he went through in order for him to be able to fulfill his destiny.  Jack also shares his opinions on the gig economy and what go-getters can do to make this transition.

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Exit opps, career journeys, and presentation prep with Natalie


AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview with Natalie, a seasoned consultant shares her career journey and how she has leveraged her consulting experience into a purposeful career in non-profit healthcare consulting. During the episode, Natalie and I provide mentoring guidance to an individual getting ready for a senior executive presentation.

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Transitioning into Consulting and Promotions with Aija

MECE 03 | Consulting and Promotions

AMA interview with Aija, a seasoned consultant sharing her career journey and experiences. During the show, Christie and Aija give mentoring advice provided to an individual that recently found out she didn’t get promoted and is exploring her career options.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the MECE Muse Unplugged (Intro Episode)

Introductory episode of The MECE Muse Unplugged podcast show, a pop-up, bi-weekly podcast series designed to help new or aspiring consultants on their journey to greatness.

The MECE Muse Unplugged is a variety show sharing ideas on how to be a great consultant in the form of interviews, storytelling, career advice, and discussing trending topics that affect consultants.

In this episode, Christie shares thoughts on why she started the show, her own career journey, and provides context of the goals of the podcast show.

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