Career Journey of A Consultant Rockstar featuring Ron

MECE 12 | Rockstar Consultant


In this Where are They Now? episode, Christie interviews Ron, a former consulting colleague with the brand of a rockstar. Ron discusses a myriad of topics, shares stories of his career journey, managing resistance, the differences in federal vs commercial consulting, how to choose between becoming an independent consultant, working at mid-tier boutique, or for a large Big 4 consulting firm. Christie and Ron also gives advice to a newbie consultant facing peer pressure drinking on his engagement.

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Maximize your introversion with Luis of

MECE 11 | Ultimate Introvert


In this Quick Wins interview, Luis Vasquez of shares how he learned to maximize his introversion with a 90%+ success rate of selling new business projects. He offers his proven sales method through an online course, helping introverts discover how to enhance their ability to influence and strengthen client relationships in a way that is authentic to themselves.

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It is Bench Week on MECE Muse Unplugged (special announcement)

MECE 10 | Bench Week


Special edition of The MECE Muse Unplugged where Christie reflects on the current state of the show since launching on July 7, 2017. She also gives a special announcement on the future of the show, and shares highlights of upcoming episodes for the next month.

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